“CB Gold has worked with Alberto Rios Carranza and his team during the past 4 years and at different stages and on different matters. The professional services he and his team have provided to the Company always proved of value”.
Fabio Capponi (CEO CB Gold Inc)

"I know Dr. Rios for more than 10 years; he is an excellent professional, with a great sense of economic geology. Dr. Rios was instrumental in the conception and initial development of Oban Exploration Limited ".
José Vizquerra Benavides (CEO Oban Exploration Limited)

"Dr. Alberto Rios is a prominent geologist with extensive knowledge of mineral deposits and has a great track record in the field of mineral exploration".
Jorge Fierro Rojas (Exploration Manager – Rio Rico Resources S.A.C. / Lowell Copper)

"I can highly recommend Dr. Alberto Rios Carranza as a true professional. His passion for his customers and projects is second to none. Despite the fact that I spend most of my time in Europe I never wait more than an hour for a response from Alberto. Fantastic world class service”.
Paul Taaffe (CEO Paul Taaffe UG)

"Our company has used Dr. Alberto Rios for project generation, reconnaissance prospecting, and detailed geological mapping and geochemistry for a 2 year period in Peru. He provided professional, diligent and within budget and timeframes products for us".
Chris Lodder (President Talisker Exploration Services Inc)

"KM CORP S.A.C. | Andean Mining Group has required the services of Dr. Alberto Rios in the evaluation of exploration targets, who presented accurate and timely information  for the decision-making on each of the studied projects".
Jorge Kaneko (Gerente General KM Corp S.A.C. / Grupo Minero Andino)

"We have worked many projects with ARMR EIRL. Throughout this time the knowledge of ARMR EIRL in the regional geology and metallogenic districts has been an important contribution for the definition and interpretation of the projects".
Bernardo Álvarez Calderón (Gerente General Analytica Mineral Services S.A.C.)

"The knowledge and experience of Dr. Rios have been crucial in the generation of projects for our company. We will continue to work with him to maintain the search for new projects in Peru and Colombia".
Luis Goyzueta (CEO Stellar Mining)

Dr. Alberto Ríos have demonstrated throughout his career to be an outstanding generator of geological opportunities with an unparalleled record of prospect discoveries
José María García (CEO Mining Prospects)

I was near to leave the Buenaventura Mining company when I met Alberto working in the Lancones Basin looking for Cretaceous VMS deposits, then he became more specialized in the study of these deposits through his PhD in Spain. During mid 2006 I worked together with him looking for epithermal deposits in Hochschild, as a leader of different groups he confirmed the concept that I had of him, such as a geologist that demonstrates passion for his work and is well connected with colleagues by transmitting his acquired knowledge and experience. Creative thinking and sensitive relationship with all stakeholders in the industry is his main strength, which is necessary for finding new deposits or for looking at a mineral where others just see the landscape. I highly would recommend him to be a consultant for any mineral exploration
Celso Palacios (Adviser and Consultant in Economic Geology Applied in Exploration, Evaluation and Mining Project Management)

“I have worked at different times and had followed the work of Alberto Rios since 2001. During this time I have witnessed his personal integrity, and his capacity and dedication to mineral exploration in different parts of South America; working on VMS, epithermal, and porphyry-skarn systems. I have no doubts that Dr. Rios will keep generating and managing important projects”.
Ruben Padilla (Exploration Manager - Talisker Exploration Services Inc)

OBAN S.A.C. and BRAEVAL S.A.C have been working with Dr. Alberto Rios Carranza since 2011, who has been providing support with geological reconnaissance and target generation. During these years, Dr. Rios has shown qualified working values such as responsibility, efficiency and commitment, which have led to create value within our companies”.
Aurelio Ganoza (Country Manager – Oban S.A.C & Braeval S.A.C)

"Alberto Ríos is a dedicated person with professional standards that always looks for the benefits of the company. We were really pleased with the work he did for us".
Ana Milena Vasquez (President – Leyhat Colombia Sucursal)